Who is Herbie?

Herbie was the first son of teenage parents. Like many in Austin and all over Texas, he grew up in a working class family that struggled to make ends meet. Growing up outside the carpet mill town of Dalton, Georgia, Herbie has seen firsthand how economic insecurity and income inequality affect lives. From watching his parents work multiple jobs to put food on the table, to seeing family and friends struggle with substance abuse and addiction, to going into significant student debt getting an education, he has lived the reality of our political system feeding into inequities in the lives of normal working people.

​Since coming to Austin to pursue a Ph.D. in physics at UT, Herbie has been active in the fight to build a vibrant and inclusive democracy for all people, playing a role in the campaign to rename buildings on UT campus to be more inclusive; marching with the Black Lives Matter movement, the Women's March, and the March For Science; and advocating for universal basic income.

​Herbie believes in a future where nobody has to suffer the indignity of poverty, where every person has access to the resources and opportunities they need to reach their potential.

​Join us in building that future, starting right here in Austin, Texas.