How We'll Help Working Families


Advocate for an Aggressive Response to COVID-19

Around the state, Texans are suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most deadly global health crisis in a century. Thousands have lost their jobs, are facing housing and food insecurity, and are suffering increased levels of anxiety and mental illness due to isolation.

​Herbie will pressure state leadership to fill the gaps left by federal legislation by pushing to extend enhanced unemployment benefits to the end of the pandemic, expand paid sick and family leave, and supplement lost revenue to help the small businesses that make our communities special weather the storm of the pandemic.

​Deliver Economic Justice and Strengthen Unions

We cannot wait on the federal government to take necessary action to heal the obscene economic inequality working families face every day. We need a multi-faceted approach to strengthening the economic power of the working class.

​Herbie will propose legislation for a $15 minimum wage with annual cost of living increases and universal paid sick and family leave, and he will work to repeal "right-to-work" laws that undermine unions and workers' abilities to collectively bargain. He will also advocate for a wealth tax to directly combat wealth inequality and to unlock resources to grow the economic and social programs Texans need to build a just society.

​Reform Policing and Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice system exists to protect and serve our communities, but the criminalization of social problems, the militarization of the police, repeated episodes of police brutality against people of color, and over-policing in impoverished communities and communities of color has broken the trust between police and the public. Furthermore, the expansion of private prisons and unpaid or low paid prison labor has corrupted our justice system to its core.

Herbie believes in a justice system built to do exactly that - deliver justice. He will fight for significant police reform by prioritizing efforts to heal social issues without resorting to the  criminal justice system. He will work to make communities safer by investing in innovative public safety and social wellness programs, separating the work of police to prevent and investigate crimes from the need to solve social problems. Herbie will also propose legislation to abolish private prisons in Texas, expand the minimum wage to include prison labor, and invest in education and rehabilitation programs for prisoners.

​Bring Universal Healthcare To Texas

As of 2019, Texas had the highest number of uninsured in the country at 18.4% even before the COVID-19 pandemic. As thousands of Texans have lost their jobs during the pandemic, this number has grown even larger. Those fortunate enough to have health insurance coverage still face exorbitantly high prices for prescription drugs and medical treatment.

​Herbie will demand action to end the healthcare crisis and work toward zero uninsured and underinsured in Texas. He supports Medicare For All at the federal level and state-level proposals to develop a robust, universal healthcare system in Texas. He will also propose legislation to strictly limit the profits of pharmaceutical companies on the sale of life-saving prescription drugs.

​Recognize Housing as a Right

Housing prices in Austin and other urban areas continue to become less affordable, driving working families out of their neighborhoods and exacerbating the homelessness crisis. Herbie will propose legislation recognizing housing as a human right, making massive investments in affordable housing to keep housing accessible, and addressing the homelessness crisis in Texas cities by increasing funding for housing and other necessary services for our unhoused neighbors.

​Implement The Green New Deal in Texas

Herbie will advocate for massive investment in next-generation transportation and energy infrastructure to combat climate change and create thousands of high-paying jobs in high growth sectors. Texas is already a world leader in the production of wind energy, and continued investments in renewable energy sources will allow the state to stay ahead of the curve as the rest of the world rapidly divests from fossil fuels. Modern transportation systems will reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while allowing more Texans to go further and faster at less cost.

​Serve the People of TX-49

Herbie does not take financial contributions from corporations, special interests, or lobbyists which amount to legal bribes and compromise a leader's ability to represent their constituents. Our campaign runs on contributions from working people. Herbie will work with Austinites, community and labor organizations, and civic leaders throughout his campaign and while in office to understand their needs and serve them in the Capitol.